The Yoga Alignment Association of Canada (Y.A.A.C) is a non-profit organization created to assist in, and advocate for, the development of teaching and competency standards for postural yoga in Canada and the world.  The initial aim of the Y.A.A.C is to set basic and objective standards in providing safe and effective postural yoga for teachers and schools alike. More detailed information on assessment criteria may be found under the "Assessment" menu tab above.


Philosophy, Religion and the Y.A.A.C. 

The Y.A.A.C does not intend to set out guidelines for any philosophical or religious components of yoga practice.  These elements of practice are in general currently unmeasurable and unverifiable.  If a philosophical or religious viewpoint conflicts with the teaching of safe and effective postural yoga by a member of the Y.A.A.C, then the Y.A.A.C would assess that on a case by case basis.

 Practices of meditation, pranayama (breathing), prayer, chanting, visualization, etc. all fall beyond the scope of the Y.A.A.C.’s mandate.