The Yoga Alignment Association of Canada (Y.A.A.C.) aims to set basic and objective competency standards in postural yoga for certified teachers and schools.  Affiliated yoga teachers, teacher training schools, and students alike may benefit from registering with the Association. 


In order to register with the Y.A.A.C., yoga teachers who have graduated from a 200 hour training program must successfully complete a competency assessment including a video submission illustrating competency in instruction as well as a written test. 

Y.A.A.C. Teacher members are insurable, and may advertise their affiliation with the association to show goodwill to their students that  assessed their competency in teaching postural yoga.

Registered teachers have access to video content illustrating pose shapes and muscular actions within those poses that beneficially stimulate the practitioner and do not create injury.


Teacher training schools across Canada may apply for affiliation with the Y.A.A.C. School members must provide the Y.A.A.C. with a detailed outlines of the relevant curriculum modules provided in their training programs. The relevant modules must provide adequate training for graduates to pass the Y.A.A.C.'s mandated tests. 

Lead instructors at teacher training schools must be registered as Teacher members with the Y.A.A.C. and must also complete a teacher training module to ensure that the appropriate content toward passing the competency requirements is provided to the students. Modules and specialized training may also be obtained for the school to perform its own certification according to the Y.A.A.C.'s mandated requirements.  Affiliated schools that do not have approved assessment instructors may obtain discounted rates for their graduates for assessment by the Y.A.A.C. directly.


Students of yoga may register with the Y.A.A.C. to obtain access to various educational resources relating to postural yoga, as well as receiving updates on the development of the organization.

Aspiring Teacher members may wish to register as students to gain access to educational content that will assist in preparation for the competency assessment tests.